Who is Mercedes?

Mercedes Guzman is the creator of ICLP, a powerful technique to reconnect and heal the inner child. International speaker, coach and author. She helps thousands of people around the world heal their past and transform their lives. Mercedes has been featured in Forbes magazine, radio and television shows such as CNN, Telemundo, Univision, AIB, Televisa, various magazines, and Mundo Hispanico. She recently received the Entrepreneur of the Year award from Latin Style Magazine. 

Mercedes published her book in March 2016 «Your Forgotten Inner Child». A journey back to love and innocence. This one is on Amazon, Barnes and Nobles. She has been giving national and international workshops, such as Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico and the United States. She has worked with politicians, businessmen, executive-coaches and many others. She has received many awards and has been invited to speak at many organizations. 

Mercedes Guzmán is certified by “Empower Productions” and Reverend by ‘Alliance of Divine Love’ and Hillside International Center.

He has given motivational seminars to different groups and entities, including:

  • Coca-Cola
  • New York Life Atlanta
  • Los niños Primero non-profit 
  • National Society of Hispanic MBAs (NSHMBA)
  • Consulate of El Salvador in Georgia
  • Path Academy
  • Hillside International Truth Center/Dra.Barbara King,
  • JP Morgan Chase en Kennesaw, GA
  • Parent To Parent of Georgia
  • The Spanish Women’s Guild of the Catholic Church of St. Ann
  • Unity North Church en Atlanta, GA
  • Unity West Palm Beach en WPB, Florida
  • Unity El Paso en El Paso, Texas

Professional Achievements

  • Recognition by the Government of El Salvador through the Salvadoran Consulate in GA
  • To go out nationwide in UNIVISION while the Meditation-Prayer was being carried out with a group of more than 100 people in favor of the Immigration Reform.
  • Being interviewed on various television channels.
  • Selected to participate in a program in English called "Stepping out on Faith" by the AIB channel in Atlanta.
  • Travel to Mexico and speak personally about the problems in Juárez with Mayor José Reyes Ferriz.
  • Work in the American Embassy of your country El Salvador

More about Mercedes

Dreamer born and raised in El Salvador, with a passion that could never be defeated, living in a war zone where her life was often in danger. As a child, her afternoons were spent working in the market. Thanks to the love of some nuns and her father's desire for her to study, she was accepted into one of the best schools in her town and Mercedes grew up with a good education. Her love for her life has always led her to follow her heart and have faith that the best happens. This led her to experience miracle after miracle from a young age.

In 1989 she met her husband Daniel from Corpus Christi at the United States Embassy, where he worked, married him, and moved to the United States in 1991. However, little did she know how much her life was going to force her to grow and heal her childhood wounds from the inside out.

Mercedes is the mother of 5 beautiful children to whom, in her early years, she gave herself the task of giving them ‘School at Home’. An opportunity that the educational system of the United States gives to parents and they can teach their children at home. It was when she began to experience anxiety and despair that she did not know where she was coming from. Everything from the outside looked perfect, but her heart was in pain. This pain and confusion due to the way she reacted with her children, makes her ask God for help and it is when her journey to meet her inner child emerged and the magic unfolded before her eyes. she who changed his life from her forever.


  • Your Forgotten Inner Child: A journey returning to love and innocence
  • Interviews and articles published by Mundo Hispánico
  • Articles of personal motivation in the magazine “Soy Emprendedora” «Que pasa Paisano” and “De Fiesta”
For 3 years, she created and was the leader of a motivational group for Hispanics in the city of Atlanta and another brilliant group in West Palm Beach. She has counseled by phone and skype to people from coast to coast in the United States and around the world.

She has long given inspirational messages on various radio stations including UNIVISION KAMA 750AM El Paso, Texas and had her own space on Radio Fiesta 96.9 in West Palm. And today every Friday she has her own space in Mercedes has been given the task of presenting a seminar that she created on "How to find peace, abundance and wisdom in the midst of the economic crisis", which has already been presented with great success in different parts of the United States.

Mercedes has managed to overcome many of the paradigms that bind humanity, and with that love that overflows from her soul, she teaches us that each one of us has a divine potential, ready to be discovered, and to make it blossom; besides that we are here in this moment and space for a divine reason.

Prosperity, love, peace, success, good health, good relationships and everything that our heart longs for, are within our reach; However, most of us have been programmed from an early age with different negative patterns that block us and limit us to see what the Universe is ready to give us.

With the techniques that Mercedes uses, such as meditations, creative visualization, I work with the inner child through regressions to childhood, affirmations and self-observation; one is able to break down the barriers of fear, guilt, resentment and so many negative emotions that keep us away from our full happiness. Mercedes Guzmán continues to be a divine tool wherever she goes, taking her message to every being that is ready to receive it, and that message is that: “everything is possible in this infinite universe”.

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